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Unsolicited emails and letters sent to Standard Legal

Wow, Thank you for getting back to me on my support request so quickly -- especially on a SUNDAY! Very much appreciated!!

-- Jill Waqanibaravi, Aspen CO

Thank you so, so much!!!!!! I can't wait to refer all my friends to your company for being so great to deal w/! Thank you!!! ♥

-- Teresa Mitchell, Daphne AL

I wanted to tell you how easy I found your registration and downloading process to be. I actually was a software requirements guy in my former life and I found your entire website and downloading instructions to be very well developed and super easy to follow. Haven't started to populate any of the forms quite yet - but kudos to your developers and web team for putting together such an intuitive site!

P.S. - I also called for more info before I bought this package, and had a great conversation with one of your representatives - very knowledgeable and helpful for me to make my purchase decision! You guys certainly have your act together!

-- Don Peterson, Arlington Heights IL

I got a very high praise from the Chapter 13 Trustee in my 341 creditors meeting about the amazing job I did on my Chapter 13 petition. Thank you for your software!

-- N. Jackson, Charlotte NC

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for this wonderful software. I was able to prepare my Last Will and Testament as well as my Living Will in a matter of minutes. Thanks for helping me save a lot of money. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

-- Mr. Juan Munoz, Orlando FL

You guys are the best! What a proactive service. I had realized the mistake yesterday and was going to call today to correct the situation. Thank you for proactively writing to me and providing access. Keep up the great work.

-- Pratap Chudasama, Inverness IL


-- Nancy Pelletier, Palatine IL

I ordered two of your software titles. You guys did a SUPERB job. There's no way I can do this on my own without your included samples. Thank you!

-- Nhut Le, Maplewood MN

Thank you for your help! The Land Contract files adequately addressed my issues. I am glad that I purchased from Standard Legal.

-- Parker Clemans, Old Forge, NY

Today I received a phone call from one of your people in answer to my e-mail about the Ohio Incorporation papers being wrong. It is good to know that there are still people of integrity in this world. Thank you, you have instilled confidence in me to use your service now and in the future. God BLESS.

-- Jerry Lawrence, Newark, OH

WOW!! Thanks for the prompt reply to my email. I'm impressed. I did software development for TRW for 40 years in missiles and weapons systems. I recognize and appreciate the quality of your Will and Living Will products. And the great customer service, too!!

-- Ray Rosen, Prescott Valley AZ

I am so grateful for your product. You help give your customers a sense of empowerment during a very stressful and frightening time. And the price just cannot be beat.

--Michael Gilliland, Liberty IN

Thank you so much for your time and patience! Good price, easy to deal with. I'm glad I went with you instead of Legal Zoom!!

-- Odell Dingle, Bishopville, SC

I just wanted to let you know how successful I was in using your software!

I purchased the Bankruptcy title at a time of stress and uncertainty. I had interviewed several lawyers who all were charging between $2,000 and $5,000 for a Chapter 13.

I wasn't sure I could do it on my own, but with the help of your software and the example cases that were included, I was able to file on my own.

The Clerk at the filing window was very impressed in the completeness of the documents.

But what thrilled me the most was the judge asking me, "Who helped you with this?" My reply was "I did it all myself!" The judge was very impressed, and our plan was approved the first time through. Plus we saved a ton of money!

I would highly recommend Standard Legal!

-- Jeannie Burnett, Rocky River OH

Just a note to thank you for your help with my Living Trust. I didn't expect such a quick reply! I really appreciate your fast, friendly service and easy-to-follow instructions. I think we've found an efficient and dependable company in Standard Legal!

- Deanna Pozesny, Elizabethtown KY

Standard Legal was exactly what we were looking for: a no-nonsense path to a legal process with comprehensive instructions and a simple do-it-yourself document. We needed to add a family member to a property deed and we had been procrastinating for years, looking for an attorney who would treat us well without charging excessively. The Standard Legal Quitclaim Deed document gave us everything we were looking for at a reasonable cost. Thanks for a miraculous solution!

-- Sidney Morris, Edgartown MA

I just got off the phone with with your company. Your representative was very professional and helpful and as soon as I send this email, I am going to order from your company. Please let her know that I appreciate her very patient and thorough help in deciding what I needed from your company in order to help my family with several legal issues. Thanks for having such a great employee. If anyone in your company needs a proper example of how to treat customers have them watch her work. She knows how to get the core of the issue and how to solve the problem and most importantly how to make the customers feel good about their own decisions.

-- Cliff Alexander, Burlington, Wyoming

Thank you for the prompt response. I wish all online companies were so thoughtful and efficient. I will definitely use your services again should I need them. God bless you, God bless our troops and God bless America!

-- Harald Stone, Tampa, Florida

You guys seem to have a great company. I will recommend Standard Legal to all that need it!

-- Jeff Sprinkle, Powell TN

After quite a number of years of procrastination, it was the compact, concise and very affordable Standard Legal documents that got me to complete my Will and Living Will. The price and service can't be better. Thanks for helping me get that important yet 'put-offable' task finished.

-- Eric Ford, Phillipsburg NJ

I found Standard Legal online when I started my own corporation. I needed to save money for capital investments and didn't want to spend any more than necessary on attorney fees. My business attorney suggested I try Standard Legal to get the forms that I could fill out myself, which not only saved me a lot of expensive hourly fees, but also gave me a better understanding of the legal issues and processes of my business. Thanks!

-- Rowena Hart, El Cajon CA

I ordered three different Standard Legal software titles: Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney and Living Will. The forms were written in such a way that the 'legaleze' was easy for a layman such as myself to understand; the language and meaning left nothing to question. No law library was necessary. The witnesses and Notary I chose to verify my signature were amazed at the simplicity of it all. I am satisfied that the forms will do the job when the time comes to settle my estate...

-- Charles L. White, Fulton TX

With Standard Legal's do-it-yourself Bankruptcy legal forms software for personal Chapter 7 and 13 filings, I was able to see the forest through the trees! The software has easy to follow instructions and customized court forms to enter in my personal data, which saved me days of modifying the court forms on my own. Standard Legal takes away anxiety and uncertainty and enables the user to move forward without paying for an attorney. I HIGHLY recommend using Standard Legal's Bankruptcy forms software if you decide to file without an attorney.

-- D. Ashley, Snohomish WA

We purchased Standard Legal software documents and forms to aid in a For Sale By Owner home sale in New Jersey. The website was easy to navigate and the value we received was great. I have passed along your website information to friends as well! Thanks for providing easy to use, accurate documentation.

-- Lee Rudbart, Somerset NJ

I purchased Standard Legal software to prepare a Last Will and Testament for myself and my family. My mother passed away last July and although she had a Will, we couldn't locate the original -- and that caused me hours of paperwork and follow-up in Probate Court. I decided right then that I was not going to experience that again with my family...

-- Ayani Good, Chicago IL

I'm a guardian ad litem for the county I live in, and I do legal research for my own company. Over the last few years, I have been asked to help write a Last Will and Testament for several friends and business clients. To handle those requests, I've always just gone to the nearest store and bought pre-printed forms. I finally decided there had to be an easier way. I found your web site and purchased the software download. It went so well and was a lot less hassle than pre-printed forms. I would recommend Standard Legal software to anyone -- and I have!

-- Michele Peele, Hickory NC

I used the Standard Legal Land Contract form for property in Michigan. It was very easy to understand and user friendly. The county clerk's office accepted it without question and everything went smoothly. Thank you, Standard Legal!

-- Ben Witbrodt, Greenville MI

I purchased Standard Legal software in order to prepare a Will, a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will for my ailing mother-in-law. The forms were easy to use and I prepared the documents in a short period of time. Unfortunately, my mother in law died within 10 days of the forms being prepared and signed. The local hospital honored the Living Will forms, and the attorney who assisted me in probating her estate was impressed with the quality of the Will. The estate was probated without incident. I will be purchasing additional Standard Legal software in order to sell my mother-in-law's real estate. Your software saved me hundreds of dollars, so thank you!

-- Bryan Frank, Anderson IN

I bought your Last Will & Testament package last year, right before we left on a cross-country trip of 3 to 4 months. I could not get a lawyer to create a Will for us right before we left, so I used Standard Legal software. The Will gave us peace of mind that if anything happened to us while traveling, our wishes would be taken care of. After we returned home, I had the opportunity to let a lawyer friend of mine look at the document that I had purchased and created. He assured me that the Will was perfectly fine!

-- Donald Lysell, Winston-Salem NC

We had formed a low cost Nevada Corporation years ago for a specific venture. After much preparation we were at a point where we needed capital to do a feasibility study. We had found a private investor who agreed to take stock as collateral for the loan, so we wanted to get an agreement done quickly. We only had our laptop computer with us, so we immediately got online and found Standard Legal. We purchased the Incorporation software, prepared the legal documents we needed, found a nearby color printer, and printed out the corporate minutes and the loan and stock agreement with a corporate seal. Thank you for excellent service, Standard Legal!

-- G. Mather, Watsonville CA

With a very sick father suffering from cancer, Standard Legal allowed me to get the appropriate legal documents prepared for him without my father ever having to leave the comfort of his home. Thanks, Standard Legal.

-- Howard Jordan II, Pensacola FL

Just want to say thanks for such a prompt and thorough response. I have to say I am extremely pleased and, quite honestly, very surprised with this kind of support. It's not been my experience to deal with a web-based company so focused on customer service. I will without a doubt use The Standard Legal Network the next time a need arises.

A very pleased customer! THANKS !! (P.S...I would have liked to copy your management, so please forward this on. (I'd say a raise is in order!)

-- Matt Allen, Cincinnati OH

Just a note to let you know that I just filed my Chapter 7 in Illinois using your software. It went without a hitch. Even the trustee was impressed by the software when I was asked if I had filed without an attorney.

Everyone else had an attorney with them, but it was funny because the attorneys had never even met their clients before that day of the 341 meeting. Even though I didn't have an attorney, I felt more confident because I actually knew what was in my petition.

Thanks alot!!

-- Mark S. Leisen, Arlington Heights IL

Thank you very much. I appreciate the fast, prompt, courteous and correct information that you supplied to me. I am very grateful. As a retired attorney, I was looking for a good Lease that had a lot of the boiler plate material in it. You've done an excellent job with your product.

-- Richard Sutherland

You did and said everything "right" and I appreciate your patience and professionalism. Your reassurance and problem resolution skills are outstanding.

I would like for you to forward this email to your supervisor so that they might know just what an asset you are to them.

Thank you again for all your help. Have a great day!

-- Marjorie Robertson

Thank you for all your help. My wife and I had never thought of making out a Will until now. We were given news that we were going to be grandparents in just a few short months and thought we had better get on the stick! So again, thank you.

-- David L. Smith

Thank you for your quick response. I left a voicemail yesterday while you were closed and I received a return call promptly today. I was told to send an e-mail and you responded very quickly.

I just wanted to let you know that you delivered excellent customer service and I will be sure to use Standard Legal again if the need arises. Thank you!!

-- Shannon Watkins

Thank you very much! Love your service and products.

-- Brian Pyrzenski

Standard Legal is the BEST! We deal with FSBO home buyers and sellers from all across the nation, and Standard Legal Software is by far the best legal forms service available - bar none! Home sellers can't afford not to pay the small price for total peace of mind and get the CORRECT legal forms for their transaction. Keep up the great service!

-- Dennis K. Thomas, The FSBO Expert

Wow. You answered my support question on a SUNDAY and took care of my problem! You can be sure I will tell this story to anyone who will listen! Thanks for great service.

- Allison Sheridan

Thanks so much for your quick response. Yours is the best tech support I've seen yet. I always see on T.V. or hear companies offer "Award Winning Tech Support" -- I don't know who is giving them the award because you never hear from them. Thanks again for your assistance. I'll be looking for more from your company in the very near future.

-- Cesar Garcia

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I appreciate your customer service - it speaks highly of the overall product of Stand Legal.

-Gerald Bogard

I just purchased the Premarital Agreement Software. It seems very well thought out. Thanks again for helping point me in the right direction. Thanks Standard Legal and best regards...

-- M. Bentford

I was able to use the Quitclaim and Warranty Deed forms to transfer the title of my property with very minimal expense. The software is easy to use and saved me a great deal of money -- especially instead of hiring the laywer to do the same work. Thanks Standard Legal!

-- Wilfrid Cheung, Richmond Hts OH

After receiving my Living Trust software from you, it has made what I want to do with my properties so much easier, knowing the guidelines now. I live in a small town where we have more attorneys than business! But none of the attorney could do my document work for me, saying they did not do "Trusts". I would have had to go to another town to get a Trust done, at a very high cost. Once I found out about Standard Legal, I am now about a month away from putting my properties into a trust, as to my wishes. Thank you once again!

-- Jim Shelton, Vanceburg KY

In reference to the Will and Living Will legal forms software I purchased: thanks for providing this valuable, affordable, service.

-- Mr. Charles D. Jones, Henderson NV

Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly! If all companies had customer service like yours, it would be great!

-- Edd Diamond, Philadelphia PA

Thank you so much for the information from 'Ask Standard Legal'. I have been trying to figure out the best thing to do and looking at many websites for help. Your information is very simple and straightforward. Thanks again for your prompt reply!

-- Brenda Durbin, Joplin MO

Great forms and a very well put together bankruptcy software package! Very impressed by the simplicity and ease of use. Well, well worth the money spent on it!

-- J. Cozzolino, AZ

It is so refreshing to deal with a company that actually responds to customer service issues and in a timely manner. It is much appreciated.

-- Ronne Richter, Nondalton AK

I have used your service two times now successfully, and I will consider using it again, based upon your responsive customer support and good quality of the legal documents. Thanks again for your follow-up.

-- Alan Korey, Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for your help with our Land Contract legal forms software. It has worked out fine; we closed the deal!

-- Ted Johns, Fair Oaks CA

The documents look great! It all looks perfect. I shall get the Wills notarized ASAP. Thanks for the way everything was handled.

-- D. Freimark, Milwaukee WI

Efficient order process, excellent contract completion instructions, easy to use Word format document. An excellent user experience.

-- Cliff Birdsell, Carmel IN

I am quite pleased with the simplicity of the forms. I have generated the Living Trust and I am ready to go to the next step. The document format was exactly what I was looking for.

-- Nigel Watson, Martinez CA

Very good, and responsive.

-- Mike McCarthy, Arivaca AZ

Yes, the lease document was just what I needed to get an agreement with my new tenant. Thanks!

-- Robert Yoder, New Paris IN

I am pleased with the value of the Living Trust purchase and I would say that Standard Legal has met my needs. I set out to purchase the Suze Orman kit, but it was difficult to find so I explored further and found yours. Your kit appeared to be a better value than the Suze Orman kit.

-- Rob Brock, Happy Valley OR

I downloaded your software for Living Trust about one month ago. I have been working with it ever since and am finally realizing I am going to be able to write our Trust without paying large lawyer fees. I am satisfied with what I bought.

Joseph Thibeault, Seligman AZ

The Estate Plan Essentials was awesome - thank you for providing it at such a small cost!

Terrie Gaines, Midland TX